Flutter Development

Develop with us Flexible, Realistic & Interactive Native Apps

We use Flutter, the fastest growing cross-platform app development framework, to create outstanding native iOS and Android applications quicker and on a tighter budget than our competitors.

What is Flutter App Development?

Android, iOS, and Web applications may all be developed using Google’s Flutter, an open-source, cross-platform app development framework that is now being expanded to include support for Desktop Apps. By developing cross-platform applications using Flutter, we can decrease the number of defects, speed up app development, and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Using the Flutter platform, our Flutter app developers at Wide Web Technology can write once and provide a consistent experience on every device with a screen (including a Raspberry Pi). As a significant supplier of Flutter app development services, we assist you in developing cross-platform applications that are functionally robust, aesthetically attractive, and perform well on the charts.


Why should you pick Flutter App Development over other alternatives?

Cost Savings

Using a single codebase implies that you only have to code once (most of the time), which minimizes the amount of time spent creating, testing, and maintaining two different applications. In most instances, you may expect to save upwards of 40% on your purchase.

Faster Go-to-Market

As a result of spending less time coding, your mobile developers may focus on developing new features rather than duplicating existing ones on a different platform. As a result, you may decrease your time-to-market while maintaining the same resources.

Better Performance

In contrast to hybrid mobile applications, Flutter does not need a bridge to interact with the underlying operating system. As a result, Flutter applications run on par with native mobile apps in terms of performance.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload allows developers to view the changes in their code on a simulator in real-time, which is very useful for testing purposes. When developing the app reduces the amount of time spent each day and improves productivity.

Support for old version

Because Flutter utilizes its rendering engine, it has an advantage over competing for cross-platform solutions. As a result, it is compatible with a variety of older Android and iOS operating systems.

Web Support

Using Flutter for Web, our engineers can make your Flutter code accessible via web browsers. We can bundle and deploy your current mobile applications as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) without rewriting them.

Desktop Apps Support

It is possible to compile the code of your Flutter app into native macOS and Windows desktop applications using Flutter for Desktop. By developing bespoke Flutter plugins, you can ensure that your applications run perfectly on your desktop.

What are the benefits of using Wide Web Technology for Flutter App Development?


Real Experience

Even though Flutter is a relatively new technology, we saw the benefits it offered over other cross-platform technologies and embraced it the same week it was released from beta. Within months, we began working on real projects, including an enterprise project completed in less than three months after its debut!


Proven Knowledge

Not only have we dug deep into the official documentation, but we've also created our learning guides for Flutter and made contributions to the open-source community on pub.dev and Github as well



We at Wide Web Technology are passionate about giving back to the community, and we do this through hosting hackathons and meetings. We disseminate information and encourage participation in society, particularly in Ahmedabad, where we are located.


Test-Driven Development

TDD has always proven essential in guaranteeing the quality of the deliverables, particularly in big projects that would otherwise require a significant amount of regression testing and refactoring. We have made this possible by using frameworks such as their Test Library, Mockito, and Driver.


Native Development

Although Flutter is a fantastic tool, there are instances when cross-platform app developers need to deal directly with the Android and iOS platforms. We require that our developers have prior expertise with either Android or iOS before working with Flutter. Because of this, they can work independently on whole projects and make more informed choices on which features should be develop in Flutter vs. Native platforms.


Automation Tools

We utilize technologies that automate repetitive processes and improve our engineers' productivity, such as continuous integration and delivery systems such as Codemagic and Bitrise, performance monitoring tools such as Firebase, and error handling devices such as Sentry. Our customers appreciate our ability to provide high-quality construction since we use such technologies to aid in the process.


Flutter Animations

Apps without animations are like chocolate desserts without cherries: they're just plain dull. Our stunning animations are made possible by using their native libraries and other technologies like Lottie to offer your applications a wow factor.

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