Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is a type of marketing in which the communication message spreads from person to person like a virus, so that the name viral marketing. Viral marketing includes any strategy that encourages the individual to expand the marketing message to others, creating the potential for its exponential growth in terms of availability. Like viruses, such marketing strategies use an advantage of the fast multiplication to deliver the message to thousands or millions of people. Presumpiton of viral marketing is that when each new user starts to use a product or service, advertisements goes to everyone who has contact with the user.

How effective is viral marketing?

  • Viral marketing can be a very effective way to attract attention and interest to your buiseness. Attract great interest is not as easy as it seems, but it is possible.
  • An important factor that should be considered at viral marketing is the ability to bring real benefits to improve sales of your products or services.
  • Many viral campaigns can attract a lot of attention and traffic to the site, but generate a small number of conversations and sales. We will give an example for viral marketing on the Internet at one of the most popular tool, the video sharing site – YouTube.
  • When many users notice a good video and share it with others, this increase the number of video views in a very short time. This method of marketing can bring a drastic increase in traffic on the site, but the effects decrease because of badly spreading of marketing messages. The result is a low conversion rate on the site.

Order a viral marketing service

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